Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Here is the list of projects:

(I) List of active design challenges:

Project title Name Affiliation Description Students TA
Adding Unpredictability to malloc Matt Bishop Dept. of Computer Science, UC Davi - Joshua Ervin
- Taran Lynn
- Aakash Prabhu
- Nikhil Yerramilli
A Decision Support Tool for Radiation Oncology Doctors Sonja Dieterich, Ph.D. UC davis Radiation Oncology - Scott Reichelt
- Robert Tucker
- Andy Wu
An Interactive Educational App for Clinical Ophthalmology Glenn Yiu UC Davis Health - Nomundari Batmandakh
- Cathy Hsieh
- Angie Ta
- Itzel Hernandez
Bluetooth Bike Light Handlebar Nicholas Hosein UC Davis - Fiona Donovan
- Shaifali Goyal
- Areeba Turabi
- Bryan Ngo
ECS 192/199 Report Website Update Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis - Sadaf Arshad
- Nikita Solanki
- Kim Quach
- Abril Topete Castaneda
ECS Placement Exam Website Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis - Daniel Andrade
- Sarmad Farooq
- Anh Phung
- Vinh Pham
ITS Lyft/Uber Research App Gil Tal University of California, Davis - Emil Aliyev
- Kyle Catapusan
- Yuqi Sha
- Teresa Li
Stebbins App Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS - Josephine Situ
- Henry Jue
- Kavitha Dhanukodi
- Adam Strauss
Energy efficient wireless sensor network to monitor temperature for aquatic research Dipak Ghosal Professor, Dep. of Computer Science, UCDavis - Jiahui Dai
- Dmitry Degtyarev
- Jingya Gao
- Adrian Wang
Gamification of a Nutrition Literacy Mini-Course for Low-Income College Students Lisa Soederberg Miller Human Ecology, UCD - Yanyi Hu
- Kiran Bhadury
- Ming Cheng
- Sam Lee
Ground Penetrating Radar Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs - Maksim Nedorezov
- Josue Aleman
- Brody Reeves
Mechanical Speedometer Converter Aashish Dalal Self - Tiffany Yuen
- Joseph Torres
- Brian Loc Nguyen
- Samuel Tseng
Open Source Project Justin Jia None - Neil Natekar
- Jugal Jain
- Cazamere Comrie
- Tran Nguyen
Public Cloud Market Price Tracker Robert Hodges Altinity, Inc. ( A data warehouse startup ) - Jingwen Low
- Monisha Selvanayagam Ravindar
- Joshua Prince
- Rishi Dutta
User Interface for a Electric Microgrid Research Project Marco Pritoni LBNL - Matthew Quesada
- Daivik Dinesh
- Christopher De Castro
- Raja Vyshnavi Sriramoju
- Seung Joon Lee (Eric)
Help us make smart buildings smarter Marco Pritoni LBNL - Jasmine-Celine Talavera
- Jose Alvarado
- Katelyn Ma
- Xin Luigi Chen
Design a monitoring tool to contribute to Pacific Salmon health in California Beatriz Martinez Lopez VM: Medicine & Epidemiology, UC Davis - Thomas Chen
- Ramneek Bains
- Jacob Bevilacqua
Capstone Project Ideas 7 Travis Heppe Google - Yara Fawaz
- Armand Nasseri
- Jennifer Nguyen
- Samuel Waters
Capstone Project Ideas 9 Travis Heppe Google - Alex Hong
- Claudia Chen
- Thomas Le
- Garland Yee
Capstone Project Ideas 11 Travis Heppe Google - Guowei Yang
- Joseph Kong
- Anze Wang
- Alice Ma

(II) Other Proposed Projects:

Project title Name Affiliation Description
A mobile app connecting user physical activity and wifi-enabled smart thermostat Cindy Shen Associate Professor, Department of Communication, UC Davis
Collaboration Match Lori Kennedy Madden UC Davis Center for Nursing Science
AI-based color-mapping and image mode-conversion Richard Levenson, MD Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UC Davis Health
Cloud-Based Medication List Jose Roberto "Jojo" Melendres UC Davis Medical Center
Using machine learning to find emerging trends and common patterns in antimicrobial resistance in people, animals and food Beatriz Martinez Lopez VM: Medicine & Epidemiology, UC Davis
Python Fuzzy-Logic Web App for Behavioral Data David K. Johnson, M.A., PhD. Neurology
Computational Analysis and Visualization of Complex Biochemical Systems Miguel Valderrama Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Machine Learning in Health Care: Develop algorithms to detect select items in an image Brittany Dugger, PhD University of California Davis
Developing a web-based interface to make requests, have automated reports, and verification of information Brittany Dugger, PhD University of California Davis
UC Davis Water Dashboard Kiernan Salmon Facilities Energy Conservation Office
Womans SmartCuff Phone App Nicholas Hosein Kàbrya Wearables
Panic Button Wearable Pendant Nicholas Hosein UC Davis
Deep learning for Alzheimer’s diseases using EEG visibility graph Jiangyi Xia & John Olichney Center for Mind and Brain; Department of Neurology
ABET Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis
Visualizing Computer Architecture Simulation Jason Lowe-Power UC Davis
Automated Determination of Human Gait Parameters Using Triaxial Accelerometer Data from a Pediatric Population Erik Henricson ( with Lisa Miller, Daniel Aranki ) UCD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Human Dev. Graduate Group, Berkeley CITRIS Center
Pointless Packaging Grading Application Eric Law Industry
Love in the Dialectic of Vanity Jiayi Young Design, UC Davis
Scaling participatory programming pedagogy in an online course Seth Frey Department of Communication
Anti-Police Brutality / Neighborhood Watch App Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
SOAP Note Medical App Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
Extension of Canvas's Automated Quiz Questions Matthew Butner UC Davis Lecturer
User Interface for an Electric Microgrid Research Project Marco Pritoni LBNL
Blockchain based deposit token and environmental benefit calculator for reusable food and beverage service options Michael Sudbusters
Recyclable Material Automated Identification and Picking Michael Siminitus Owner - Waste Busters
Augmented Reality Art Tour Quinn J Hart UC Davis
Crowd Source Components Quinn J Hart UC Davis LIbrary
Image Classification using SVM and Neural Networks Carl Stahmer Data Science Initiative
Browsing and Visualizing Real-World Bugs and Fixes Prof. Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez University of California, Davis
Mobile app for real-time rowing biomechanics acquisition, assessment and feedback Paul Crawford Hegemony Technologies
RowBot - an Integrated logbook and AI coach for rowers Paul Crawford Hegemony Technologies
Visualizing the Linux Kernel Aditya Thakur University of California, Davis
Doppler Radar Tracking Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
Capstone Project Ideas 1 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 2 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 3 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 4 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 5 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 6 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 8 Travis Heppe Google
Capstone Project Ideas 10 Travis Heppe Google
Photo Monitoring Platform Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS
DIY web cameras network Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS
RAMS - user experience Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS