Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021


In this section, you find all the forms you have to fill out.

Zoom recordings: click here
Discord server: click here
Class calendar subscription: click here
Zoom URLs: Professor Liu: click here, TA Albara: click here, and TA Andrei: click here
Github ids: Professor Liu: xinliuucd, TA Albara: albararamli, and TA Andrei: The-Boogeyman
Emails: Professor Liu:, TA Albara:, and TA Andrei:
Course Information sheet: This is the main page of the course.
To-do-list: Fill this form on a weekly basis.
Equipment Check-out Form: By filling this form you will be able to send a request to borrow a device.
Student Interest Form: By filling this form you can easily form a team by finding students who are interested in the same projects you are interested in.
Bidding proposal and schedule preference: By filling this form you are bidding proposal, making your team, and submitting your schedule preference.