Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2020

Interface for Estimating Meat Withdrawal Times Using the FDA Tolerance Method

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Name Lisa Tell
Affiliation UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Project's details

Project title Interface for Estimating Meat Withdrawal Times Using the FDA Tolerance Method
Background Veterinarians are allowed to use drugs in an extra-label manner which entails using a drug differently (different dose. route. species etc) than what is on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved label. Since the drug approval process is not followed when drugs are used in an extra label manner. a method for estimating a withdrawal time (WDT) for the meat is needed. The FDA provides an R package for estimating the meat withdrawal time. but there is no easy interface for a person to use this method if they are not familiar with R. Also. the R package that the FDA provides does not provide a method to generate a report of values that were used to estimate the WDT.
Description The student team will design an on-line interface for running the FDA guided tolerance method (r terminal based) that estimates a meat withdrawal time. Integrated into this interface would include the code that has been written that generates a report as to what time versus concentration data was used and what tolerances or limit of detections were input.
The FDA currently has a Guidelines for Industry that Outlines a method for establishing a withdrawal time (after antibiotic administration to a food animal) for meat products for human consumption. The FDA also provides an r package that has the code for the data analysis.
A historical student at North Carolina State University wrote a program that would generate a report when using the tolerance method (Manuscript attached). Subsequent to that effort. a programmer went through and cleaned up the code (file attached). FDA updated the method also. with a new guidance in 2018 (new R code package).
We would like to take these combined efforts and have an interface developed so that a person with no R experience can input the time versus concentration data and the tolerance value and have a withdrawal time estimated and a report generated.
Deliverable A usable web interface that can be housed on an Amazon server where the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank data is located. That way all of the information for the program is in one location.

Documentation that describes the interface and how it was designed
Skill set desirable The ideal team will have experience with R and SQL databases.
Knowledge of web interface development
Visualization tools
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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