Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

Kjywær? (The app like Tinder but for fashion)

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Name Man Yu
Affiliation Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project's details

Project title Kjywær? (The app like Tinder but for fashion)
Background Background: fashion is undeniably emphasized in many regions in the world, and especially in UC Davis where students, staff, and faculties often feel insecure of what they wear in front of students, coworkers, classmates, and colleagues. We want to create an experience for people to express their fashion however they would like, whether that is following a trend or just wearing something not popular at the moment. We hope to do this by an app where users are free to post pictures of whatever they wear, and other users can swipe (left or right) through an endless stack of others’ clothes and attires. This way, the app will have data on what is trending and most popular to wear AND individual users get a taste of what they like to see themselves wearing, inspiring them to acquire those clothes. We want everyday people and folks in Davis to share exactly what they wear and display that to the users who are seeking fashion. To give incentive, the app rewards users to post by giving them credits that they can redeem for clothing items. The more active they are in sharing, the more rewards they can get. This app basically sets as a possible trendsetter and a way for folks to seek their own style.
Description Description: Users can browse an endless stack (unless the database runs out of things to show) and can save and/or (dis)like something. There will be a user interface where users can view and swipe these cards of users’ submissions. A UI team handles this. We certainly need a database of everything. A database team will implement ways to store all the users’ submissions and each submission’s information like temperature* (if measured), where the clothes are bought (if provided), pictures of the clothes, likes received; and for each user, their submissions, the credits they earned and spent, which submissions are liked, disliked, saved, etc. *This app will also allow a thermometer reading from an LIS3DH, giving the app a better idea what the temperature is at the moment to adjust for the comfortability of the clothing worn. This data can be better used to help the app understand why certain clothes are worn, and can know at what temperature is this more suitable. The LIS3DH can be connected to the Bluetooth of the users’ smartphones.
Deliverable N/A
Skill set desirable Skillset: the ideal team will have experience in programming an effective user interface, database APIs for storing and retrieving data, accelerometer coding C, C++ (for hardware in LIS3DH) Swift (iPhone), and Android’s language
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Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Open source project
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