Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

HME Shared Decision Making Support Tool

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Name Andrea Quinonez, RN, PhD, MSN, PHN
Affiliation UC Davis Health - Health Management and Education

Project's details

Project title HME Shared Decision Making Support Tool
Background Health Management and Education (HME), a department within UC Davis Health, provides support and health education to UC Davis Health patients. This free service is offered in addition to usual care at UC Davis Health to help patients better navigate their care, receive the resources they need, and achieve their health goals. A primary mission of HME is to assist patients in managing their health and chronic conditions. This is in line with the department’s overarching goal of improving quality of care and patient satisfaction while also reducing cost of care.

While establishing goals, priorities, and plans of action with patients, the team uses a shared decision-making approach. Shared decision-making enables and includes people in making the medical decisions that affect their health, and a conversation taking both the patient’s and provider’s perspectives into account can lead to a number of potential options for next steps. Navigating such conversations requires training and skill, and is often supported by visual decision aids to facilitate the collaboration and communication between patient and provider.
Description This project includes the creation of an interactive shared decision-making support tool to support action plan development, taking patient values and preferences into account. The tool will be accessed via the HME website, and supports use by HME staff, clinicians, and patients themselves. Within the tool, users will navigate to individualized options and resources recommended specifically for them based on their indications/responses to the question “What is important to you about your health?”. Depending on responses (which areas the user indicates as important), recommended content may include handouts, online micro-learnings, videos, class recommendations, links to other websites, or other pertinent information.
Deliverable - Develop interactive online shared decision-making tool
- HME team must be able to update content in tool as needed
- HME team must have the needed information to maintain the tool over time (such as record of code used to write program)
Skill set desirable Website design
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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