Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2023

gem5 Vision

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Name Bobby Bruce
Affiliation DArchR Research Group, UC Davis

Project's details

Project title gem5 Vision
Background The gem5 computer architecture simulator is used in both academia and industry with 1000s of uses including ARM, AMD, and Google. gem5 simulates computer systems at a cycle level to answer questions regarding architecture design. While gem5 allows for considerable flexibility in what may be simulated, the project suffers from a steep learning curve and puts onus on the end-user to specify every aspect of a simulation and find, or create, their own resources (such as applications, disk images, or tests, to run within a simulation). In order to solve this problem substantial engineering effort has been put towards “gem5 resources”, a repository of resources compatible with gem5. This initiative will allow gem5 users to browse and select “off-the-shelf” simulation resources to plug directly into gem5, thereby reducing the overhead required to run a simulation. At present, gem5 resources consists of two components: the cloud bucket where the pre-built resources are stored and may be downloaded, and the gem5 resources repository, a git repository containing the sources used to build the resources. The gem5 project has been using the git repository not only to distribute the sources, but also as a de-facto interface for browsing gem5 resources. Navigating the git repository, users can find resources and links to pre-built versions of these resources in README files. Needless to say, this is far from an ideal solution to the problem of finding resource information.
Description The purpose of gem5 vision is to create a website for gem5 resources, available at The website will serve as a portal for users to browse resources and obtain them, or their sources, from the repo and cloud bucket. The website will automatically generate from metadata within the gem5 resources repository as the repository is updated. As such, the purpose of this project will be to build a rich, visual, dynamically generated website for gem5 resources.
Deliverable We are not looking for a proof-of-concept or prototype. We wish to have a working website as a deliverable, deployed and ready for a large highly collaborative open-source project to use on a regular basis. We hope this will appeal to teams who want to make an impact on a real-world, widely-used project. A team working on gem5 vision will develop a dynamic website which automatically generates content from our gem5 resources repository and will be designed to be user friendly, navigable, and easily maintainable by the community after the project is complete.
Skill set desirable We are willing to accommodate students with a wide range of abilities though applicants should have a keen interest in web technologies and web design as this project will encompass both front end and back end development. The gem5 project, at present, is highly centred around the use of the git source control system to manage contributions so knowledge of git would be preferable. Above all else we are looking for a motivated team willing to take initiative and develop novel and creative solutions to the challenges we face in the gem5 project.
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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Selected Yes
Team members Parth Shah
Kunal Pai
Harshil Patel
Arslan Ali
TA Ujwal