Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021


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Name Claire Napawan
Affiliation Human Ecology, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design

Project's details

Project title #OurChangingClimate
Background #OurChangingClimate is a participatory design project that aims to create a collection of digital narratives to foster understanding of the diverse experiences, values, vulnerabilities and resiliencies related California’s climate change, and to provide a resource for environmental design research. Social and digital media tools aid in the visualization of direct impacts of climate change in regions throughout the state, inviting users to contribute images and narratives to create community-generated neighborhood resilience mapping, and encouraging communities to participate in local conversations about climate change resilience. The project earned the title of 2015 Climate Action Champion by UCOP and was a finalist for the SXSW Place by Design Award for Equity and Inclusion in 2017.
Description Originally launched in 2015, the project utilized the website: to aggregate participant contributions through popular social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) using the hashtag: OurChangingClimate. Since that time, Facebook and Instagram have changed their sharing policy, limiting the ability for outside aggregation. As such, we are no longer able to collect and display these posts on our website. We are looking for a student team to help us develop a web-based application (or smartphone app) that allows future workshop participants to upload their text and imagery directly to our website, and for that interface to be easy to use on a mobile smart device. Ideally the application will also collect date/time and location and be shareable with Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. For more details please see our existing website:
Deliverable web-based application for existing website: to collect participant text and imagery
Skill set desirable programming, web-app development, graphic design (we're a little unsure of the specific skills needed to accomplish this project, we can definitely offer support on graphic design/web design)
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Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Open source project
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