Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2022-1 Identification of imaging features associated with disease using deep learning Gerald Quon Genome Center/Molecular and Cellular Biology Rex Liu
2 2022-2 Intelligent Video Captioning Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
3 2022-3 Interactive website displaying farmer priorities to inform research, extension, and policy in California Cameron Pittelkow Plant Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
4 2022-5 Robotic transplanter for hydroponic grown lettuce Heiner Lieth Plant Sciences department UCDavis Tyler Mayxonesing
5 2022-9 Super Slow-Motion Video Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
6 2022-10 Limb Preservation Tool Misty D Humphries UC Davis Department of Vascular Surgery Albara Ramli
7 2022-11 Enhance a machine learning image analysis tool for skeletal muscle histological analysis Lucas Smith UC Davis, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Albara Ramli
8 2022-12 Design of a Lake Tahoe Hazardous Conditions Warning System Geoffrey Schladow Prof. Civil & Env Engineering and Director Tahoe Environmental Research Center Rex Liu
9 2022-15 BCSC Advanced Cancer Risk Calculator mobile app Diana Miglioretti Department of Public Health Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
10 2022-17 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering Rex Liu
11 2022-26 Music Memory Scrapbook Petr Janata N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
12 2022-27 NeuroBiography Music Memory Browser Petr Janata N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
13 2022-28 University of California Clinical Training Coordination Tool (UC-CTCT) Rosalind de Lisser Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Albara Ramli
14 2022-39 Leveraging Social Media Data to Inform Family Caregiving Research Yong K. Choi UC Davis Public Health Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
15 2022-40 Bluetooth Custom Multimeter Companion App Martin Uriel Ruvalcaba N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
16 2022-41 Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW): Cardiac Rehab AI Health Assistant Yong Choi UC Davis Public Health Sciences / Health Informatics Albara Ramli
17 2022-43 Aggie Dish Naji Dmeiri Google, UC Davis alum Rex Liu
18 2022-48 Deep Learning for Predicting Psychotic Episodes in Children Professor Ian Davidson (CS) and Dr Jascon Smucny (Med School) UC Davis Computer Science and UC Davis Imaging Center Albara Ramli
19 2022-56 iOS AR Game Open Source Project Justin Jia None Tyler Mayxonesing
20 2022-57 Private and Secure Social Networking Service Justin Jia None Tyler Mayxonesing
21 2022-64 Capstone Project 03 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing
22 2022-66 Capstone Project 06 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing
23 2022-68 Capstone Project 08 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing

(*) Proposed Projects:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation
1 2022-4 Developing automated methods to identify ADHD-relevant behaviors from video Meghan Miller UC Davis MIND Institute
2 2022-6 Tree size estimation android app Heiner Lieth Plant Sciences Department, UCDavis
3 2022-7 Design of a Film-Based Assessment of Empathy in Older Couples Meng Huo UCD
4 2022-8 Automated quality control and assurance of stable isotope measurements Chris Yarnes UC Davis Stable Isotope Facilty
5 2022-13 Chinese IME with Customizable Lexicons Fuqiang Zhuo UC Davis Language Center
6 2022-14 Find a Talk - A Searchable Database of Current and Past Seminars Dante Leventini UC Davis Graduate Group in Horticulture and Agronomy
7 2022-16 Socializing PHI for personal benefit. Connecting Epic to the Gig economy Daniel Stein UC Davis Health
8 2022-18 gem5 Vision Bobby Bruce DArchR Research Group, UC Davis
9 2022-19 Build a human-in-the-loop psychophysics speech synthesis simulator for a brain-computer interface to restore speech Sergey Stavisky Department of Neurological Surgery (affiliated with GGCS, BMEGG)
10 2022-20 Standalone Application for Remote Psychophysics Experiments Wilsaan Joiner Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior; Department of Neurology
11 2022-21 Development of an integrative web app for browsing human genomics projects Paulina Carmona Department of Neurology/MIND Institute UC Davis
12 2022-22 TeamSprout Carmen Ced, Dhakshi Vannithamby, Varsha Senthil UC Davis, EEC 136
13 2022-23 Image-centric software development supporting novel slide-free microscopy Richard Levenson, MD UC Davis Health, Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Med.
14 2022-24 AQMT Quality Reporting Web Application Xiaoya Cheng Air Quality Research Center, UC Davis
15 2022-25 Earworm Tracker Petr Janata N/A
16 2022-29 Proposal: Developing a Visual Platform for All-Terrain Vehicle-Riding Simulator Farzaneh Khorsandi Kouhanestani Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
17 2022-30 Power supply for weather station Eric Oiwa UC Davis EEC 136
18 2022-31 LiDAR Vehicle Wheel Alignment Shane Smith None
19 2022-32 Smart Hard Hat Fanar Makadsi, Matthew Myers, Evan Wolfe, Connor Lewis, Fateh Bajwa EEC 136 Team Charlie: Helmet Heavers
20 2022-33 Rider Up Shane Smith none
21 2022-34 App for Pediatric Surgery Patient Education Taylor Silva Department of Surgery
22 2022-35 Assessment Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta UC Davis
23 2022-36 An interactive experimental and numerical data generation and visualization tool for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil & Environmental Engineering / UC Davis
24 2022-37 Equine Limb Load Detection Phone App David Hawkins UC Davis Department of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
25 2022-38 Open Source Solution Shreya Gupta Courier
26 2022-42 Remote Control Solar Rover Kevin Nguyen EEC 136AB Team India
27 2022-44 Solar Rover Fuel Gauge and Motor Controller Junjie Xu Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of California, Davis
28 2022-45 Kjywær? (The app like Tinder but for fashion) Man Yu Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
29 2022-46 Guitar SuperPedal Divya Singh UC Davis
30 2022-47 Bovine Respiratory Disease Risk Assessment Mobile Application Sharif Aly Faculty at School of Vet Med
31 2022-49 NFL Winning Predictor Juan Juan N/A
32 2022-50 ImmunoWars mobile app game tutorial Michael Larson UC Davis Health Radiology & Larson Labs LLC
33 2022-51 United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Live Augmented Reality Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
34 2022-52 USACE Park Ranger Holograms for Visitor Centers Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
35 2022-53 USACE Volunteer App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
36 2022-54 USACE Virtual Reality 360 Tour App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
37 2022-55 USACE Water Control Information App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
38 2022-58 Open Source Static Site Generator Justin Jia None
39 2022-59 Open Source RSS Reader App Justin Jia None
40 2022-60 Open Source Minecraft-like Simulation Environment for AI Justin Jia None
41 2022-61 Your Own Open Source Project Idea Justin Jia None
42 2022-62 Capstone Project 01 Travis Heppe Google
43 2022-63 Capstone Project 02 Travis Heppe Google
44 2022-65 Capstone Project 05 Travis Heppe Google
45 2022-67 Capstone Project 07 Travis Heppe Google
46 2022-69 Capstone Project 12 Travis Heppe Google
47 2022-70 Capstone Project 13 Travis Heppe Google
48 2022-71 Capstone Project 14 Travis Heppe Google
49 2022-72 Capstone Project 15 Travis Heppe Google
50 2022-73 Capstone Project 16 Travis Heppe Google
51 2022-74 Capstone Project 17 Travis Heppe Google
52 2022-75 Capstone Project 18 Travis Heppe Google
53 2022-76 Capstone Project 20 Travis Heppe Google