Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2020

Here is the list of projects:

(*) Proposed Projects:

Project title Name Affiliation
1 Developing a web-based interface to make requests, have automated reports, and verification of information Dr. Brittany Dugger UC-Davis department of pathology and lab medicine
2 VR learning module for industrial food processing Christopher Simmons Food Science and Technology, UC Davis
3 Using Computer Vision to Identify the Sex of an Endangered Fish Species Tien-Chieh Hung Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis
4 Design of a Fish Hatchery Data Management System Tien-Chieh Hung Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis
5 GUI for Open Source Computer Architecture Simulation Jason Lowe-Power UC Davis Computer Science (DArchR:
6 Wearable Radiation Detector Yuexin Li UC Davis ECE
7 Identification of Pirated Video Content Brian Thomas Telestream
8 Unit testing of Video Processing Algorithms Brian Thomas Telestream
9 Machine Learning Based Video Compression Brian Thomas Telestream
10 Risk predictability of atrial fibrillation Uma N Srivatsa MD School of Medicine
11 EasyMoo Xiao He UC Davis ECE
12 Enable craft brewers with real time data Glen Fox UC Davis Food Science & Technology
13 Bluetooth anti-theft bike system Joel Porquet UC Davis
14 Video-Controlled Robot Car for Drawing on Vertical Surfaces Xiaoguang Liu Electrical and Computer Engineering
15 Relod Abdullah Faiyaz Student
16 Excite Bike Light Bobby Leanio EEC 136a
17 WatchDog Julia Electrical Engineering
18 Olympics Tracker App Juan Juan N/A
19 Educational Computer Game/Mobile App Development for Laboratory Techniques Erkin Seker Electrical and Computer Engineering
20 Swift Static Site / Blog Generator Justin Jia N/A
21 iOS RSS Reader App Justin Jia N/A
22 Open Source Packages Release Manager Justin Jia N/A
23 iOS AR Game Justin Jia N/A
24 Secure and Private Social Networking Service Justin Jia N/A
25 Image Classification using SVM and Neural Networks Carl Stahmer Data Science Initiative
26 AI-based color-mapping and image mode-conversion Richard Levenson, MD Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UC Davis Health
27 Eliminate pointless packaging with Social Media and Computer Vision Eric Law Industry
28 Interface for Estimating Meat Withdrawal Times Using the FDA Tolerance Method Lisa Tell UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
29 Machine Learning in Health Care: Develop algorithms to detect select items in an image Brittany Dugger, PhD University of California Davis
30 Gesture control drone Xiaoguang Liu UC Davis
31 Design a Tracking and Crash Detection Device for All-Terrain Vehicles Farzaneh Khorsandi Kouhanestani Faculty at BAE
32 ABET Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta UC Davis
33 ECS 192/199 Report Website Update Christopher Nitta UC Davis
34 nbgrader Integration with Jupyter Lab Christopher Nitta UC Davis
35 Implementation of an Automated Trees Centers Detection from Aerial Imagery Alireza Pourreza UC Davis, BAE Dept.
36 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering
37 Community Futures, Community Lore Stories App Brandon Louie UC Davis Center for Regional Change
38 Design and Gamification of a Knowledge Bowl to Develop Nutrition Knowledge and Skills of College Students Lisa Miller Human Ecology
39 Sensing Localized Air Quality Emily Schlickman Department of Human Ecology, UC Davis
40 Visualizing Climate Change Emily Schlickman Department of Human Ecology, UC Davis
41 Development of an Intuitive & User-Friendly Graphical Interface for The Design Space Toolbox Miguel A. Valderrama N/A
42 Searchable database of intentional community research Angela Sanguinetti Cohousing Research Network and Foundation for Intentional Community
43 Reducing Nutrient Pollution using Woodchips: Reaction Surface Area Matters! Olivia Wright Civil and Environmental Engineering
44 RNA-seq analysis of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in summer and winter seawater Chao Liao Food Science and Technology, UCD
45 Interactive Care (I-Care) Platform for remote caregiving of older adults with Alzheimer's disease Alyssa Weakley, PhD UC Davis Neurology Department/Alzheimer's Disease Center
46 An interactive experimental and numerical data generation and visualization tool for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil and Environmental Engineering
47 An interactive numerical data processing and visualization tool for large simulations of ground motions Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil and Environmental Engineering
48 EV Explorer 2.0 Angela Sanguinetti UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center
49 “Citizen Science” Mobile Device Application for Collection of Human Gait and Mobility Data Erik Henricson, PhD and Lisa Miller, PhD UC Davis Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & Human Development & Familty Studies / Adult Development Lab
50 A Virtual Reality Tour of the Albeni Falls Dam in North Idaho Andrew Huddleston US Army Corps of Engineers
51 Mobile App Design for Supporting Shared Use of Personal Sensing Data between Long Hour Gig Workers and Intimate Partners Hao-Chuan Wang UC Davis
52 App to Connect Local Food Producers and Restaurants Mason Shelnutt N/A
53 Internet-Of-Things (IoT) for Smart Food Systems David Slaughter UC Davis
54 Design of an easy-to-use tool for presenting curated health information to seniors Sanjay Joshi Healthy Aging Initiative, UC Davis, also Professor (MAE)
55 Machine Learning models to diagnose Cardio-Vascular (heart-related) diseases with the use of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Deep learning algorithms Sairamvinay Vijayaraghavan N/A
56 Capstone Project Ideas: Cross-platform flutter app Travis Heppe Google
57 Capstone Project Ideas: 2d web game Travis Heppe Google
58 Capstone Project Ideas: Mobile game Travis Heppe Google
59 Capstone Project Ideas: Code reviews Travis Heppe Google
60 Capstone Project Ideas: Waste peoples' time Travis Heppe Google
61 Capstone Project Ideas: Quantum algorithms Travis Heppe Google
62 Capstone Project Ideas: Resumes analyzer Travis Heppe Google
63 Capstone Project Ideas: Real-time style transfer Travis Heppe Google
64 Capstone Project Ideas: Personal Website Template Travis Heppe Google
65 Capstone Project Ideas: Maintenance workflows Travis Heppe Google
66 Capstone Project Ideas: Virtual graffiti Travis Heppe Google
67 Capstone Project Ideas: Load-balanced, autoscaled, autohealed system of VMs Travis Heppe Google
68 Capstone Project Ideas: Bigquery Travis Heppe Google
69 Capstone Project Ideas: Face recognition Travis Heppe Google
70 Capstone Project Ideas: CodeMirror Travis Heppe Google
71 Global Connections Database Dr. Karen Beardsley Global Professional Programs, Global Affairs
72 Rebate Website for Sacramento and Yolo County Mason Shelnutt N/A
73 Design, Develop, and Deploy Air Quality Sensor on UniTrans Busses Dipak Ghosal, and Michael Zhang Department of Computer Science & Environmental and Civil Engineering
74 iOS Aggie Dish app Naji Dmeiri Google, UC Davis alum
75 Shared audio described recordings of museum content for accessibility Joshua Hori VMWare and UC Davis
76 Distribution of livestock farms in California and evaluate the impact of extreme weather events Beatriz Lopez MEDICINE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY: VET MED
77 Robert Mondavi Institute Teaching and Research Winery CS Senior Design Proposal André Knoesen, James Nelson Electrical and Computer Engineering